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    Leaders in e-learning technologies !

    E-learning is a technology enhanced web based learning application used for transferring knowledge & to impart learning across geographical locations. Innovations in internet & multimedia technology has made e-learning possible.

Training Courses

Dotsquares E-learning application mainly focuses on modernizing business by establishing advanced e-learning training course. Development of E-learning process have fully advanced education domain to benefit all level of users.

E-learning is a very significant aspect in education system and it gives the facility to deliver virtual lessons over the internet or through your intranet, integrated with your education courses, student support and management systems.

E-learning facilitates great opportunities for effective training. These training courses will reduce your operational costs to enhance the efficiency. Dotsquares E-learning systems are an online learning and assessment management application to provide effective content management with question bank and assessment to the learners in a great way.

It delivers a robust platform to learn at your preferred time and place. We offer an exceptional online Learning Management System (LMS), using which the administrator can manage the learning content; create assignments, training exams and perform online assessment along with evaluation and analysis.

We have many years of experience in the development of pioneering e- learning solutions which will make learning a great experience for your student. Your staff will effectively execute what they have learnt from their e-learning course. This will lead to better productivity and efficiency at your workplace.