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    E-learning is a technology enhanced web based learning application used for transferring knowledge & to impart learning across geographical locations. Innovations in internet & multimedia technology has made e-learning possible.

Learning Management

LMS is a software application developed for the administration, documentation, monitoring, reporting and delivery of online education courses or training programmes. It’s an easily scalable and streamlined training process, which can developed without investing in resources.

LMS offers flexible access to e-learning courses, lower dependency and merge all learning material into one system. With an LMS, you can monitor and report enhanced performance while cutting down the training costs.

LMS can make various training content, development content and performance content available to learners round the clock from any location with web access. What’s more, multiple learners can access it simultaneously.

Most LMSs run online to provide access to learning content and administration. They are also used by educational institutions to improve and aid classroom teaching and delivering courses to a large number of learners. This application is also used by many regulated industries (financial services or bio-pharma) for compliance training.

Our LMS let you to configure the layout of your course with your own bespoke text and images. Also, you can easily create online quizzes and practice with the a few mouse clicks. We give you full control over your visual layout so that you can easily change everything, including the font, size, color, images, and even animations.