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    E-learning is a technology enhanced web based learning application used for transferring knowledge & to impart learning across geographical locations. Innovations in internet & multimedia technology has made e-learning possible.


E-learning means delivering education and learning through electronic devices like computer and internet. It has transformed the entire model of the learning process, that’s’ why; it’s gaining immense popularity. Actually, e-learning is a very interactive and innovative way of learning. It is very simple, economical and many corporate houses are using it to train their employees about the latest technology development.

E-learning is becoming a vital tool for the company and employees to enhance their skills. If you are looking for e-learning software Development Company, we are pleased to help you.

Dotsquares offers advanced e-learning using most up-to-date e-learning techniques and designs that are user friendly and easy in use.

We specialize in e-learning and can utilize their knowledge and technical know-how to the development of advanced e-learning programs. Our developers have been serving our clients with advanced E-learning solutions form last five years.