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    A small Intro of our E-learning Websites

    In a busy world where time is money, it becomes quite difficult for us to find helpers who can encourage our knowledge growth. We at Dotsquares have an extensive precision in education and e-learning platforms. Dotsquares helps you inn generating the knowledge bank you always desired of. Here are some of the similar knowledge building websites...



Improve your grammar in a fun and exciting new technique of GrammarEvolotion. The websie help you in evolving the natural grammar within you.


progression – Detailed online instructional exercises consolidate with gameplay to quicken understudies' learning and inspire them to continue learning dialects.

Time – Teachers spare time on printing and appropriating language structure worksheets.

National Curriculum Grammar Evolution permits understudies to get to numerous key ranges of the present system of study for MFL, including understanding essential linguistic use; enhancing the precision of their elocution and sound; distinguishing and utilizing tenses or different structures which pass on the present, past, and future; and deciphering words and short sentences that they hear with expanding exactness.