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    A small Intro of our E-learning Websites

    In a busy world where time is money, it becomes quite difficult for us to find helpers who can encourage our knowledge growth. We at Dotsquares have an extensive precision in education and e-learning platforms. Dotsquares helps you inn generating the knowledge bank you always desired of. Here are some of the similar knowledge building websites...



Appetite for information in short bursts has grown as attention span has declined. Conventional e-learning has not adapted to this reality. Energy Future places narrative at the core of its courses and distills information into bite-sized chunks tailored to the needs of modern learners. Courses are supported by high-quality images and animations

Collaborative script creation

Courses based on knowledge of subject-matter experts, but crafted by professional storytellers – journalists

Content created in response to the needs of industry and requests from SME partners


The granular structure of the courses and their availability on multiple technology platforms enable learners to engage at their convenience

Why Energy Future learning is memorable

  • Narrative-based interactive learning experiences
  • Journalists and instructional designers with extensive industry knowledge
  • Close collaboration with industry SMEs
  • Bespoke 3D and 2D images and animations
  • Professional audio: voice over, music and sound effects