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  • What is e-Learning?

    E-Learning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere through Internet.

  • How e-Learning can help ?

    E-learning provide flexibility, Accessibility, Convenience, Cross-platform Support, easily updatable

  • Cost Savings

    Return on Investment (ROI)

    An indicator used to measure the financial savings/gain (or loss) of a project in relation to its cost.

  • -Learning

    Various Industries

    Use of e-learning is seen as a viable option to overcome ever-increasing amount of information from an organizational, individual, trade and professional viewpoint, of which employees need to be aware.

  • -Learning Tools

    Mention of Blackboard, Captivate, flash etc.

    Adobe Captivate 7, Adobe Flash , Blackboard are the comprehensive tool used to create e-learning courses and site.

Training Courses

Dotsquares E-learning application mainly focuses on modernizing business by establishing advanced e-learning training course.
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Virtual Learning

Virtual e-learning is an online learning platform that models traditional self learning by delivering same virtual access to classes
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E-learning means delivering education and learning through electronic devices like computer and internet.
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Learning Management

LMS is a software application developed for the administration, documentation, monitoring, reporting and delivery of online
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